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#FitnessPals Workout Challenge, Week 4: Spring Cleaning

Welcome to spring training, the home edition

It’s week four of the #FitnessPals Workout Challenge. Give yourself a pat on the back! If the Challenge just hit your radar, don’t sweat it. You and your fitness pal can still accept the Challenge, and have a shot at winning a beautiful bracelet by Alex and Ani. Here’s the scoop:

1. Throughout April, we’re posting weekly workout challenges for you and your pal to complete.

2. Take a photo of your dynamic duo while performing that week’s exercises.

3. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FitnessPals. The more Challenge photos you submit via #FitnessPals, the better your chances of winning. We’ll declare the winner on our social media channels in May, so be sure to check back to see if you’ve won, and for other fitness-related fun.

The Backstory

When we began developing this spring-cleaning-themed workout challenge, we summoned our inner Daniel LaRusso from the movie The Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi’s ‘wax on, wax off, paint the fence’ workout inspired us. If Daniel can train for a karate championship by sanding floors and waxing cars, you can get fit by doing the chores that are already on your to-do list in real life. This multi-tasking workout is a win-win in anyone’s book.

Check out this week’s spring-cleaning-inspired, five-step workout. Then, grab your pal and some cleaning supplies. (Just be sure to return the favor at your pal’s house.)

Tip: Be sure to clean vigorously! This is a challenge, after all. Some rockin’ beats will help keep the tempo up so you get the most out of your spring cleaning and spring training.

  •  fitnesspals infographic week4 p1 4

Recover On Your Nice, Clean Floor

Now that you’ve completed the week four #FitnessPals Challenge, you can rest comfortably on your squeaky clean floor. Go ahead, you deserve it! Surely, your fitness pal will motivate you to repeat the workout this week, as their house is in need of some spring cleaning, too. Don’t forget to send in your photos of your Challenge in progress for a chance to win a beautiful bracelet from Alex and Ani.

If exercise alone isn’t getting you to your weight management goals, Calorease with FBCx may be able to give you the boost you need as it has the abilty to bind some of the dietary fat in foods. Together with exercise and a healthy diet, Calorease could help you reach those sometimes-challenging weight management goals.

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#FitnessPals Workout Challenge, Week 3: Celebrate Earth Day

It’s time to use nature as your gym

Can you believe it’s week 3 of the #FitnessPals Workout Challenge already? Time flies when you’re having fun! If you’re just joining the Challenge, here’s how you and your fitness pal can win a cool prize just for taking your physical activity up a notch. Or five.

1. Throughout April, we’re posting weekly workout challenges for you and your pal to complete.

2. Snap a photo of you two while doing each week’s exercises.

3. Post your photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #FitnessPals. The more Challenge photos you submit via #FitnessPals, the better your chances of winning an awesome bracelet by Alex and Ani. We’ll announce the winner on our social media in May, so be sure to check in.

As you know, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration in support of environmental protection. Though we believe every day is Earth Day, the upcoming official celebration has inspired us to take this week’s challenge outdoors. What a great environment for your fitness to bloom. Simply bring your fitness pal and your enthusiasm to a yard or park near you to do these five ecofriendly exercises.

  •  fitnesspals infographic week3 p2 1

In addition to exercise and a healthy diet, sometimes you need an extra factor to reach your health goals. Calorease with FBCx could be the extra edge that you need to help you reach your healthy weight management goals.

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#FitnessPals Workout Challenge, Week 2: Love Your Garden

Get a fresh outlook on your fitness

Welcome to week 2 of the #FitnessPals Workout Challenge. If you’re new to the Challenge, it’s not too late to join! Here’s how you and your fitness pal can win an amazing prize just for getting active:

1. Throughout April, we’ll post weekly workout challenges for you and your pal to complete.

2. Take a photo of you and your fitness pal while performing that week’s exercises.

3. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FitnessPals. The more Challenge photos you submit via #FitnessPals, the better your chances of winning an awesome bracelet by Alex and Ani. We’ll announce the winner on our social media channels in May, so stay tuned.

Let’s Hit The Garden!

The idea of adding a little dirt to your fitness routine may seem a little unusual on the surface, but gardening is a great way to burn calories, build muscle tone and even enhance your mood. And if it’s fruits, vegetables and herbs you’re tending to, bonus points for you!

Since April is National Garden Month, we thought, “Why not help you and your pal burn cals while beautifying your backyard?” Below are the five exercise moves for this week’s Challenge. Try these with your BFF. Your garden and your body will thank you for it.

First And Foremost

This tip, not one of our five exercises, is uber important—especially if you’ve been hibernating all winter. Stretch out before you work out in your garden. Of course, this holds true even if you’ve been fit as a fiddle throughout the winter months, so it’s good advice for people of every fitness level.

  •  fitnesspals infographic week2

While no one said getting and staying in shape would be a piece of cake, help is here. Like, right here. Calorease with FBCx, along with exercise and a healthy eating program, could help you get ahead in the management of your healthy weight goals by helping reduce absorption of some dietary fats.

Now go out and make the most of National Garden Month!

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#FitnessPals Workout Challenge, Week 1

Working toward our health and fitness goals can be tough, it can be slow, it can be exhausting, it can be frustrating. But one thing we know for certain – it’s always better with a friend! Today we launch our #FitnessPals Workout Challenge, a celebration of sweating it out with our BFFs. Here’s how it works:

1. Throughout the month of April, we’ll post one weekly workout challenge for you to complete with your pal.

2. Snap a shot of you and your fitness pal performing the workout challenge exercises.

3. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FitnessPals. The more challenge photos you submit via #FitnessPals, the more times you’ll be entered to win, increasing your chances to take home a best friend-worthy prize by Alex and Ani.

This week’s fitness motivation – World Health Day

World Health Day is Thursday, April 7. A great way to honor World Health Day is with a good diet and regular exercise. So World Health Day is the perfect opportunity to join your fitness pal for some partner workouts.

  •  fitnesspals infographic week1

When you and your fitness buddy work out, you’re not just burning calories together (you also get that bonus ab workout from all the laughs), you’re building a healthier lifestyle.

Calorease with FCBx – the ultimate fitness pal

We believe in you! And we believe in good eating and exercise as the best way to achieve your weight management goals. But if you’re still struggling to achieve your goals, Calorease with FCBx could help. Calorease is a revolutionary dietary supplement containing the novel fiber FBCx that has been shown to bind to some of the dietary fat in foods.* So while you’re working out with your BFF and eating well, consider adding Calorease to help you maintain a healthy weight.

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Keep the Pipes Working: Dietary fiber and colon health

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so let’s talk digestion! In order to keep our colons nice and healthy, we need to keep our digestive tract functioning well. And that’s where fiber comes in, it’s a real godsend for our colons. Dietary fiber – found naturally in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes – is known for its ability to, how should we put this, keep things “moving” through our digestive tract. Besides keeping us from getting backed up (and face it, none of us wants to be there), dietary fiber has other benefits for our overall health.

Colon Health benefits of dietary fiber

Normalize bowel movements

Not to dwell in the toilet, but consuming dietary fiber can enhance your mobility. Regularity is important for a number of reasons. Toxins within the colon are absorbed by the blood and carried to the liver to be detoxified. Too many toxins can overload the liver and lead to everything from fatigue to skin problems.

Maintain bowel health

Consuming adequate dietary fiber may lower health risks. In addition, consuming adequate dietary fiber can also help us feel full so we’re likely to eat smaller portions less often.

  • Dietary Fiber Food

How fiber works its magic

There are actually two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Neither type can be digested by the body, so they help act as digestive tract brooms. Soluble fiber – found in foods like cucumbers, blueberries, beans, and nuts – becomes gel-like in the colon, aiding in digestion and keeping the colon walls healthy. Insoluble dietary fiber is able to absorb a lot of water and adds bulk to help food move through our digestive tract more quickly.

  • Dietary Fiber Consumption

Getting adequate fiber

Getting enough daily dietary fiber through food sources is not always an option.

Although it is generally accepted that fiber is crucial to a healthy colon, Americans rarely eat enough recommended fiber on a daily basis, usually less than 10 grams per day. The United States Department of Agriculture and the American Cancer Society suggest at least 20 to 45 grams per day for an adult. Calorease with FBCx can be counted as part of your daily fiber intake.

With our busy lives it can be tough to eat well and manage our health and weight effectively. Calorease with FBCx could be the little extra edge you need to make your health goals more attainable.

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Spring Into Better Health With These Five Outdoor Workouts

The clocks have sprung forward, the daffodils are starting to bloom and you may have the urge to clean out closets – spring is upon us! Spring time means we can ditch the monotonous treadmill and mind-numbing workout videos for some super fun and invigorating outdoor workouts in the sunshine and fresh air. Are you ready to get out? Here are a few ways you can spring into better health.

  • take a hike

1. Take a Hike

When the snow is off the trails and the temperatures have started to warm, it’s great to get out for a hike. Spring may mean a little mud, but that shouldn’t stop you. Choose easier terrain with less elevation gain to begin with and as you get stronger and fitter head for the peak!

  • work it out at the park

2. Work it out at the park

Parks provide a great setting for outdoor exercise. Many have stations built right in for sit ups, push ups, pull ups, step ups and other exercises. But even without a designated station, you can do a killer workout at a park. Use soft grass for sprints, a curb for step ups, a bench for elevated push ups and dips, and open space for lunges.  

  • get rolling on two wheels

3. Get rolling on two wheels

Bike riding is an awesome way to welcome spring. Whether you hit the trails or the road, bike riding can be a fun cardiovascular exercise. Climb hills, circle the lake, bike to the grocery store – just get out and ride. You can bike alone, bike with family or bike with a group of friends.

  • shoot hoops

4. Shoot Hoops

When was the last time you played basketball? It’s not a sport many of us have played in adulthood, but it should be. Shooting baskets really works those arms and shoulders and running up and down the court is great cardio training. Don’t be surprised if your first day on the court leaves you a bit sore though, you’ll be working out some new muscles.

  • paddle power

5. Paddle Power

Leave the rowing machine at the gym and get out on some water for a great workout. You can paddle a kayak or canoe or try out a stand up paddleboard (called SUP for short). No matter which flotation device you choose, you’ll get a great arm, shoulder and core workout.

As the weather warms and you start shedding those winter clothes, you may discover that the body underneath isn’t quite as slender as you’d hoped.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we work, we can’t quite get where we want to be with our body fitness. That’s where Calorease with FBCx can help. By incorporating Calorease into your exercise and healthy eating program to help reduce absorption of some dietary fats, you could gain and edge when it comes to weight management.

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Top 10 Fitspo Ideas

What inspires you to live fit?

Living a fit, healthy lifestyle can mean something different to all of us. It can even mean something different day to day. Our idea of what it means to be fit changes all the time – as we age, enter different phases of our life, even move to different places. We have discovered that learning about others’ ideas of what being fit means can inspire us to find, create or appreciate our own best self.

Here is our list of the top 10 ideas that inspire us to be fit, strong and healthy. 

  • move to your own beat

1. Move to your own beat

Exercise is essential to fitness, but there are a million amazing, fun, fulfilling and effective ways to exercise. You may love to run trails, but dancing while you vacuum is a great way to work your cardio fitness, too. Whether it’s group cardio funk class solitary bouldering – find your groove and embrace it. 

  • don t compare yourself

2. Don’t compare yourself

You’re not as _________as _______. Comparing ourselves to others rarely helps or inspires us. Even comparing yourself to a former version of yourself can be counterproductive. Measure your progress and your effort, and celebrate your accomplishments that take you closer to your goal. Don’t measure your success by another’s yard stick.

  • value fitness reality

3. Value fitness reality

We are not all crossfit goddesses or marathon runners. If that is your world, we salute you! But your fit does not have to be extreme to be meaningful and effective. Walking to the park with your baby or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are real, achievable ways to make fitness part of your daily life.

  • balance eating

4. Find balance in eating

No carbs. No fats. Raw only. Liquid fast. Despite their proliferation, we are not fans of the fad diet. We believe the long-term solution for most of us is a healthy balance in our eating, not depriving ourselves and our bodies of major food groups or things we really enjoy. Eat lots of veggies, lean meats, whole fruits, whole grains, and limit processed sugar and alcohol – basic, simple, time-tested. And if you are truly stuck, Calorease with FCBx can help move you forward on your fit, weight management journey.

  • take a fitspo adventure

5. Try something new

Hot yoga, belly dancing, meditation, triathlons, paddle boarding, roller skating – there are so many ways to get your fit on, why limit yourself? Trying on a new form of fitness can reinvigorate your body and mind, and get you excited to get out there and work it.  

  • ask for help

6. Ask for help

Like people, help comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be be as simple as having a work out buddy, hiring a fitness coach or just having a good friend you can text when you want to eat an entire box of chocolate mint cookies. It can even mean asking a partner not to eat his favorite unhealthy foods in front of you. Asking for help means acknowledging that our communities – our ‘tribes’ – can help us move toward our goals. Don’t be afraid to ask!

  • try something new

7. Take a fitspo adventure

Hike a mountain, walk around a foreign city, try a yoga retreat – do something you haven’t done before that centers around fitness. It needn’t be expensive or elaborate – think camping trip where you hike into a remote location – but it can make fitness a more thrilling part of your life. 

  • laugh it off

8. Laugh it off

It’s a well-worn cliché that laughter is the best medicine—for good reason. Stress can affect our heart, blood pressure, ability to sleep, immune system, digestion, even joints. Spending good times with good friends is not just a good break from stress, it’s an antidote!

  • emulate babies

9. Emulate babies – sleep well

Babies have it down pat, they sleep long and often. There is wisdom in this. Our bodies recharge and rebuild when we sleep, improving our memories, reducing inflammation, spurring creativity, improving athletic and academic performance, keeping us focused and even helping us manage our weight.    

  • support others

10. Support others

You can be the match that starts someone else’s fitness fire. Be a cheerleader, a supporter, a work out buddy, a resource, a shoulder, a babysitter  – be whatever the people in your life need to help them improve fitness.  

Sometimes, no matter how hard we work, we can’t quite get where we want to be with our body fitness. That’s where Calorease with FCBx can help. It’s just adds a little edge to your exercise and healthy eating program, helping you manage your weight more successfully.

We know there is is no end to fitness inspiration and we love being inspired, so what’s #yourfitspo

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Calorease & Good Nutrition – The Dynamic Duo!

Batman got even better with Robin.

Wonder Woman’s BFF Etta Candy upped her game.

Superman really got his groove on with Jimmy Olsen by his side.

When powerful players join forces, evil falls, good triumphs and awesome happens. So it is with nutritious food and Calorease with FCBx – great on their own, even better together.

National Nutrition Month is a great time to consider this amazing alliance between good-for-you food and Calorease with FCBx. If you’re trying to manage a healthy weight (come on, who isn’t!), it provides that extra edge.

POW! KAZOOM! BAMM! – Send dietary fat packing

So, how does this dynamic duo do it?

To sum it up, Calorease with FBCx gives the fat in your food a one-two punch. FBCx – the patented dietary fiber in Calorease – binds to some of the fat in your food, taking it through your digestive tract without allowing it to be absorbed.* In the lab, FBCx has demonstrated an impressive 1:9 fat-complexing capability, sending a whole lot of fat calories to the curb (instead of, say, your thighs). Ordinary dietary fibers complex at just a 1:1 ratio. So who do you want working on your side?

Wonder Woman has her lasso, Calorease has FCBx

Even when you’re watching what you eat and trying to exercise, you may not get the results you are looking for. If you’re already mindful about what you eat and are getting regular exercise, Calorease with FBCx is a way to support your weight management program. When you need an edge (think Batman’s utility belt), take two Calorease with FBCx tablets with meals or snacks three times a day. Want to see the best results? Keep your secret weapon with you at all times! Take Calorease consistently.

Is it magic? Calorease with FBCx may not be magic, but it’s pretty unique. Humans cannot absorb fat without digesting it first. A digestive enzyme called lipase processes fat droplets into smaller fragments called fatty acids. Fatty acids are absorbed through the digestive tract, and then reassembled within the body to form fat. When the FBCx in Calorease binds fat droplets from foods, they become resistant to digestion so fat is less likely to be absorbed. Instead, the FBCx-fat compound passes through the digestive tract and is metabolized and eliminated. Magic, not exactly. Super amazing science, yes!

Gain superpowers without the freak accident

You don’t need a bite from a radioactive spider to gain dietary fat-eliminating power. You don’t even have to start a special diet, simply eat nutritious, balanced meals containing healthy fats and take Calorease with FBCx with each meal. Calorease with FBCx is not a silver bullet – you can’t eat ice cream four times a day and expect to look like Catwoman. But if you eat sensibly, exercise regularly, moderate alcohol and sugar intake and supplement with Calorease with FBCx, you may gain an edge toward your weight management goals.

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