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Calorease 180 Count

180 tablets that last at least 30 days. Contains 6 sheets of break-apart blister packs with 30 tablets per sheet. 2 tablets per meal.

Calorease Can Give You An Extra Edge

In today’s society, staying healthy and managing your weight have become tougher and tougher. There’s always plenty of temptation around, and it can be hard to eat right. Even when you’re watching what you eat and trying to exercise, you may not get the results you are seeking.
That’s why you need an extra edge. Calorease, a revolutionary dietary supplement made from super fiber FBCx, has been shown to bind to the fat in foods and reduce up to 500 calories a day.* It can help you maintain a healthy weight without the restrictions of a low fat diet, or adding on to your exercise program.